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We Are All Investors

November 26, 2013 - Author: Dan Vonderheide - Comments are closed
Don't spend your time. Invest it.

Don’t spend your time. Invest it.

I love people. I love talking with them and hearing the story behind what they’re working on. It’s one of the reasons I started hosting my podcast in 2012 as a natural extension of time I spend in coffee shops and restaurants learning about people.

As a result of this time expenditure, it frequently occurs that people have an “opportunity” for me. It also frequently occurs that the opportunity is for me to spend some of my time and talent to help their efforts. As a guy who loves to serve others, this appeals to me – but – this is a huge pitfall at the same time.

There are my own projects to which I am accountable for moving forward. There is my family and the weighty responsibilities that come along with being a husband and father. If you know me at all, you know that one thing that fuels my soul is playing guitar and enjoying that communal experience with other players. Rock on, brothers and sisters. We should also consider that…you know…sleep, rest, and battery recharging are critical to actually being productive.

In the past two years, I’ve met several people who are good (even great) at investing their money. They take a lot of time to vet the projects and companies in which they place their money and attention. Money is an exhaustible resource and these men and women are very careful about what they do with theirs.

I’ve been very good (or bad, I suppose) about parceling out my time and attention and I’ll wager that you’re the same. Twenty four hours is a LOT of time on the surface, but when so much is coming at you it disappears pretty quickly. We’re all given A FINITE AMOUNT OF TIME, yet we’re very flippant about how we invest the most critical resource we’re given.

To that end, can we all make the choice to be more INTENTIONAL about the time we spend? Take on projects that really matter to you and the person in which you are investing your time. Create deeper relationships and do better work. Saying yes to too many people only does a disservice to everybody involved.

Resolutions are not my thing, but changes and adjustments to philosophy are. So – as I wrap a weird year and head into 2014, I’m going to change the way I approach my time. I don’t have the monetary resources to invest in others, but I do have my time.

I aim to show a greater return on that investment in the next 40 years.

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  1. by Mom

    this is great. love you.

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