My brain has a useful balance of creativity and organizational ability that does well with developing creative concepts and bringing them to reality. This is but a glimpse into how I work and what makes me tick. I host a podcast in Louisville called STARTUP: Conversations With Louisville Entrepreneurs

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Do You Suffer From GBS?

April 10, 2015 - Author: Dan Vonderheide


It was a warm spring day in Muncie, Indiana. The summer semester at Ball State University had just started and I had moved into my first apartment where I lived alone. After sharing a room with my brother for many years, then having room mates in the dorms at BSU, it was quite an exciting time for me!

Amazingly, this was several years before the advent of the internet as we know it. The daily noise that we deal with in 2015 wasn’t nearly as overwhelming. But for a 20-year old kid taking summer classes and working a job (OK so it was radio so it wasn’t really work) who was trying to get settled, eke out some sort of life on a budget, manage a newish relationship, and have fun as often as possible, there was a lot going on.


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We Are All Investors

November 26, 2013 - Author: Dan Vonderheide
Don't spend your time. Invest it.

Don’t spend your time. Invest it.

I love people. I love talking with them and hearing the story behind what they’re working on. It’s one of the reasons I started hosting my podcast in 2012 as a natural extension of time I spend in coffee shops and restaurants learning about people.

As a result of this time expenditure, it frequently occurs that people have an “opportunity” for me. It also frequently occurs that the opportunity is for me to spend some of my time and talent to help their efforts. As a guy who loves to serve others, this appeals to me – but – this is a huge pitfall at the same time. (more…)

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