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Ad sales reps are as important as ever to get it right

November 29, 2010 - Author: Dan Vonderheide - Comments are closed

CNET’s Dennis O’Reilly recently wrote about new ways for small businesses to advertise online.  But as options expand for small, local and regional business to take advantage of technology and make an appearance in search results (paid and organic) the water becomes muddier for their success.

The problem isn’t the cool technology and the ease of use that Google and other providers are laying out.  The problem is that business owners and even marketing managers have historically never taken the time to self-manage their ad campaigns.  The much maligned and lambasted account executive has made a good living managing these efforts and will need to continue to play that role…perhaps becoming even more important than before.

This, of course, lays a fairly large onus on the media rep.  The continuing transition of media and ad spending from traditional means to online means will require publishers to educate their sales force on terminology, new product offerings (both from the publisher and their competitors), and what is on the horizon.

Everybody knows what a pain in the butt it is to get the automated phone system when you’re trying to get something done.  If there is a hole in what Google, AOL/Patch, and other content rich sites are doing, it’s the ability to actually advise and maximize the money that their clients are handing them.

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