My brain has a useful balance of creativity and organizational ability that does well with developing creative concepts and bringing them to reality. This is but a glimpse into how I work and what makes me tick. I host a podcast in Louisville called STARTUP: Conversations With Louisville Entrepreneurs

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About Dan

I’ve always been a media nut. One of my earliest memories is sitting on the gross kitchen floor as a toddler and hearing my dad’s voice come out of the radio that was sitting on a shelf. I went on the air at WORX-AM/FM in Madison, Indiana when I was 16-years old, went on to graduate with a broadcast sales & management degree from the mighty Ball State University, and have been working in and around Louisville for nearly my entire career (with the small exception of four years spent in Southwest Florida in my early twenties).

My interest lies in helping local media and brands evolve with the digital age, taking advantage of the technologies that exist and using them to educate, inspire, inform, and motivate people living in cities to become better connected and involved with their surroundings. Most of my time is spent creating things on the internet to attract interest for the community, local brands, and…well….myself.

I’ve been very happily married for 11 years and have three wonderfully bright and beautiful children.  I also have been playing guitar since 1987 and it still fills my tank when I find that I’m running on empty.

I keep Facebook locked down and private for the most part.Please don’t hesitate to connect with me on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google Plus.